Psychology Society


We understand how broad Psychology is as a subject. Finding people with similar interests can be challenging, so the Psychology Society is committed to bringing like-minded people together. So whether you study psychology or not, please join us. The society committee wants to give all students who love our subject a chance to make new friends across the Cohort.

Our aims and promise to our members:

  • We aim to build a strong community, bringing a family feel to the School of Psychology.
  • Depending on how you vote, we would like to meet regularly for a chat to share our love for Psychology.
  • We want you to remember us! By making friends and building contacts!
  • Helping new and existing students make memories at the University of Wolverhampton.

Future event ideas.

All events will be subject to the polling system on this webpage. Ideas we had so far:

  • Breakfast/ Afternoon chats,
  • Animal man,
  • Film events (watch movies on campus),
  • Quizzes,
  • pre-graduation dinner,
  • Games,
  • world food,
  • family day,
  • pet events,
  • sports day,
  • fundraisers,
  • course rep drop-in
  • guest lectures.



Stay connected

Join the pack!

To all new members. Please email so that we can add you to the mailing list. We can then notify you of up coming events and send out copies of the School of Psychology Newsletter.