Course Reps

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What is a Course Rep?

Academic Representation at the University of Wolverhampton starts with our students, whose experience and academic success is at the heart of everything we are striving to enhance. It is the verbalised individual and shared experiences of our students that creates a voice for students, it is then through our representation structure that these students are then given a platform to air their voice.

The structure comprises of a simple four step system;

Students > Course Reps > School Reps > Full-Time Officers



Student representation currently occurs at three levels within the University of Wolverhampton:

  1. Course Reps - represent students within their course/subject/year group/cohort/pathway etc.

  2. School Reps - represent students from all courses within their School.

  3. The Academic Officer - is the Students’ Union Full- Time elected representative and represents students at University level. This position also represents smaller groups of students/individuals where appropriate.

Course Reps are an integral part of Student Voice, they are a key link between, students, staff, the University and the Students’ Union. Whose soul focus is on the improvement of the academic experience on course and the wider campus experience.

Sign up

Please login to sign-up to be a course representative and help improve your University experience for both you and your cohort.

If you are unable to sign-up to be a course rep and represent your cohort, email and tell us your name, student ID and course. We'll be in touch to train you as a course rep.

Course Rep Journey

As a Course Rep, you have the opportunity to improve the student experience of all the students around you in your class, as well as all the students in years to come. The primary role of Course Reps is to improve the academic experience of the students on their course, which can be achieved by: