Off Campus

Just because you are not on campus doesn’t mean that your Union is not relevant to you. We aim to be as inclusive as possible to all our members, whether you live locally in halls, at home in another country or study a University of Wolverhampton course at another institution anywhere in the world.

You can take advantage of our Student Voice system, so if you ever have an issue on your course you can take it to your course rep who will then raise it at the appropriate meetings to get heard.

Or if you ever need advice or guidance on any academic related subject you can make your way over to our Advice and Support section. Here you’ll find information on a wide variety of topics and links to various support resources. You can get in touch with the Advice and Support centre by through the website, on social media, phone, email or even Skype to name but a few methods.

To find out more information about either service click below.