StartWell: The Transition to University

Going to Uni for the first time? From starting your brand new course, to meeting new people and making friends; whether you’re moving away from home, or sticking around to commute in – getting started on this brand new era in your life can be daunting. Chances are you’re being harassed with well-meant advice by what feels like everyone: family members, family friends, even the family dog. “Going to Uni will be the best years of your life”, sound familiar? I’ve heard it a million times. Here’s some ACTUAL ADVICE from someone who’s been going to Uni for the last 3 years, so buckle up! Here we go…


Keeping Healthy

In all the hustle and bustle of Fresher’s, many students can end up with the dreaded FRESHERS FLU. If you’re moving away for Uni, take some time in the first couple of days to look up where your nearest GP is, and get yourself signed up with them (especially if you require repeat prescription medications, including asthma inhalers or diabetes medication). It’s much easier when you first start feeling under the weather, to just pop down the road to your local GP, rather than be stuck on a train home with only god knows what rash that needs looking at. Something to think about as well is: have you had your meningitis vaccination? Meningitis can sometimes be common at universities, and can make you really unwell.. So make sure you get vaccinated, and find out more here:

There are also loads of facilities if you start feeling lonely, or homesick – joining societies that have the same interests as you can help you find friends, which will help with homesickness in no time. Also, the Well@Wolves programme holds regular activities that  help you to look at your own health and wellbeings and they’re a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Not exhausting yourself over Fresher’s

This period can be a super exciting time for everyone: freebies, parties, it’s ALL going down! But take it from me: DON’T EXHAUST YOURSELF! You think it’s all good, then all of a sudden, you’ve come down with a case of fresher’s flu, even though you PROMISED to go out tonight with your flatmates again. When you feel tired, get some rest! And by rest, I don’t necessarily mean sleeping for 24 hours straight – I mean making yourself some nutritious food (There are some BEAUT recipes on the Well@Wolves website:, or perhaps going for a walk around the local park. Make some time for you!

The final piece of advice I shall bestow upon you when it comes to starting Uni is: Have Fun! Take in all the starting lectures for this amazing new course you’re doing, make the most of the meet-up events for making new friends. Yeah, Uni has its ups and downs, but that’s life! And that certainly doesn’t stop you from making the most of all these amazing opportunities you’ll get whilst you’re here. So go on: grab the bull by the horns!



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