Health and Wellbeing Hub

Studying and immersing yourself in all your Union has to offer could be difficult if you’re not in good health. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring you’re in top-notch physical and mental condition all year round with our Health & Wellbeing Hub. The Hub houses a wide variety of local and national resources that can help you reach your physical and mental peak.

The Hub is split into three distinct sections: Staying healthy, Mindfulness and Green SU.

'Staying healthy' provides links, tips and tricks to keeping yourself in tip-top physical shape with links to local GP's, sexual health and mental health advice. Look for information on nutrition, substance awareness and local sports opportunities.

'Mindfulness' gives you all you need to know on looking after your mental wellbeing through advice on being more mindfull, information on spirituality including links to the chalpilancy and local places of worship as well as advice on stress busting.

Green SU' is all that you could need to know about your students' union and its commitment to sustainability. From our Green Impact submission to green week, you can find information on how to work with us to make your SU even greener.

Health and Wellbeing Events