Nomination Form

If running for a Fulltime Officer Position

Nomination Form Guide

This year we've responded to candidate feedback and made nominating yourself even easier. If you're still confused, this handy guide will help you.

Full name and Preferred Name

Full name is the official name found on your e:vision profile; preferred name is the name you are known by. This is to make it easier for our international students with different name structures or students that may be known by their middle name.

Student Number

This is just your standard 7 digit student number. We need this to check that you are indeed a student here at the University of Wolverhampton

Elections Pledges and Slogan

This is where you talk about what you set out to do if elected and why you think they're important to students. Remember that you should be realistic when choosing your pledges because these are things students will expect you to deliver during your time in office. Once you have submitted them, staff will give you some feedback so you are able to make any alterations if you need/want to. You can have more election pledges if you wish and can promote them in your campaign but for online branding we're trying to make it easier for voters to see what you stand for.

Your slogan should be easy to remember by keeping it short and sweet!


This is the name and student number of a friend that agrees you'd make a good representative.

Additional Fulltime Officer Paperwork

If you're running to be a fulltime officer we need some more information from you due to the added responsibilties of the role. Please take great care reading the supporting documents before checking the boxes.

Trustee Form

Part of a Fulltime Officer is becoming a trustee of a charity. This stage of the election process is ensuring that you are able to undertake your duties as a trustee so you will need to check the eligibility requirements in the form and return it to either the Students' Union Reception (City), SU Bar and Cafe (Walsall) or by emailing it to

Trustee Declaration Form

Visa Requirements

If you are an international student, you need to make sure your Visa will cover the term of employment. If it doesn't, we can help you with the application process but you need to make us aware as soon as possible so everything can be ready for the start of the contract.

Meeting with a Senior Manager

During the candidate training week you will be invited to a meeting with a relevant staff member to have a chat about the role and to ask any questions. During this meeting they will provide any feedback on your manifesto and campaign materials to ensure you are fully prepared. This is mandatory for any Fulltime Officer candidates and we will be as flexible as possible with meeting times.