Faculty Rep Elections Autumn 2017

Faculty Rep Elections

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Faculty Reps are students elected by the whole student body who represent you and your academic views. Throughout the year they will attend meetings in the faculties to ensure the student voice is heard by the University and any issues or problems are solved.

They also support the Course Reps in their faculties ensuring that any issues that affect students are resolved appropriately by the faculty at a course level. If any trends develop across the faculty they can report these to higher meetings and seek resolution.

Not everything that comes through the Student Voice system will be negative. Sharing good experiences can help faculties strengthen their delivery of high quality education and help courses replicate good practice across the faculty.

They are also members of Union Council where they represent students in policy decisions made within the Students’ Union. This could be around a particular national issue, how we represent students or anything students want to see changed. We’re members led so anything we do is influenced by how students feel.

To find out more about becoming a Faculty Rep come in to see us at the Students’ Union space in the Ambika Paul building at the City Campus or near the Student Village at the Walsall Campus.

Nomination Period:

2 nd - 18 th October

Voting Period:

23 rd - 27 th October

Nomination Deadline Day

Our Academic Elections in Autumn allow students to elect their academic representatives for the upcoming year. The election also serves as a byelection for any positions not filled in the Spring elections.

Here are the available positions:

Accommodation Officer

FEHW Rep (City - Public Health, Social Work and Care)

FEHW Rep (Health and Psychology)

FEHW Rep (Walsall - Education)

FEHW Rep (Walsall/Burton - Health and Sport)

FoA Rep (Arts)

FoA Rep (Humanities and Media)

FoA Rep (Performing Arts)

FoA Rep (Postgraduate)

FoSS Rep (Business)

FoSS Rep (Law)

FoSS Rep (Leisure)

FoSS Rep (Postgraduate)

FoSS Rep (Social Sciences)

FSE Rep (Engineering Undergraduate)

FSE Rep (Postgraduate)

FSE Rep (Science Undergraduate)

FSE Rep (Technology Undergraduate)


Mature/Part-Time/Student Parents Officer

PhD Rep

Postgraduate Engagement Officer

To stand for a position follow the checklist below:

1. Nominate yourself

2. Submit a photo

3. Answer the elections questions

4. Sign the code of conduct

To nominate yourself go to the election page online, all you need is your student log in and a friend to be your proposer (basically to say they’d think you’d be good at the role). The earlier you nominate yourself the better as all paperwork needs to be completed by the deadline.

You can submit a photo with your online nomination or you can send it to the email below.

The manifesto questions will be available by downloading them from our site or by emailing the Campaigns and Democracy assistant at  t.swainson@wlv.ac.uk.

Faculty Representative Questions

Parttime Officer Questions

NUS Conference Delegate Questions

Code of Conduct

Before the voting period starts you must understand and agree to the code of conduct. If you code of conduct has not been completed before voting opens you may be withdrawn from the election.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Case Study

Are you looking to get out of your comfort zone in the next academic year?  Jessica Edwards did just that and after being a Course Rep become a Faculty Rep for FOSS. UWSU sat down with Jess to talk about her experiences.  

When did you first get involved with the Students’ Union and why did you get involved with the SU?
I first got involved with the Students Union in my first year of University when I was Course Representative for Business Management. I did not know what University would be like; I knew that I would get my degree and hope to get a good job.

However as I previously worked with a small business and talking to Managers, I realised that the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to not only enjoy your time at University but you become more employable. So, I decided to come out of my comfort zone and see what the Uni had to offer. By starting as a Course Rep it was like my way in as you become aware of what happens around the University and around town, allowing yourself to get more involved.

How has the Students’ Union made a difference to your time at University?
I have become more social, made more friends and got more involved. I learnt how to place myself in a professional situations for example, chairing meetings and 'looking after' course reps. 

How did you get involved in becoming a Faculty Rep?
As mentioned I was a Course Rep in my first year and I wanted to do more. I asked the SU what I could do that was related to my course and the Faculty Rep was the option.

What does the Student Voice mean to you?
It means giving people a chance to be heard when they are struggling to be listened to, making students matter.

What does your role involve?
In my opinion, my role gave me chance to give students a choice to be heard. I would look after my Course Reps, help improve the student experience and try to solve issues effectively.

What have you achieved for students this year?
I made sure students opinions, suggestions and issues were heard and offered solutions. I gave them a chance to feel like they were involved with the University and they were getting the most out of their course.

What would you say to any student who is interested in getting involved with the SU but hasn’t got round to making that first step.
Getting involved with the SU is worth every moment. The people you meet and the opportunities that you are given help you both socially and academically. Taking the first step is always difficult but once you make a small move, the rest becomes easier. Take a chance and see how far it takes you. 

Have you got anything else you would like to mention?
Being a Faculty Rep has been amazing and I have learnt so many new skills and built my confidence. Thank you to the SU for their help and support, I enjoyed it all!

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