Colibri Feedback

Text your feedback and you could win a £25 Amazon voucher!

From 5/3/18 for the next 6 weeks a new winner will be announced via text, simply give us your feedback using the relevent # for your chance to win. The winner will be chosen completely at random. Best of luck!


The new way to give your feedback about your Uni experience...

TEXT 07492882230 using the relevant faculty #









How it works

1. Text your feedback with the relevant #

2. Your feedback will be put on our database

3. Our student voice team will pick it up and pass it on to the relevant person

4. You will recieve a message back regarding the process/completion of your feedback.


Colibri is a text based feedback system, it allows students to send in feedback about their University Experience anonymously.  This data is used by the Students’ Union to help the University create positive change.  The data is kept on a secure server and the only information we receive is the text you send in, all other information isn’t shared so your phone number is secure. 

We may, from time to time, reply with updates or further information if it would be beneficial to the user who has sent us feedback.  


Want to give us feedback on our Advice and Support Centre or Well@Wolves Services?