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Walsall and Telford Bus Service

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The Walsall and Telford buses only run once every hour. That means if you are stuck in traffic trying to get to the bus stop, and you're a minute later, you've suddenly just missed at least an hour of your lecture. Then factor in the travel time, which is roughly an hour. Another hour of waiting, one hour of travelling, and you're missing two hours of potential lecture time. Most students wouldn't even bother after that. If a student has to leave early and urgently for whatever reason, eg a family emergency or an urgent appointment, they have to wait for ages for another bus. I believe it would be benefical to change the bus times to every half hour instead. This way students are not worrying about their buses rather than being able to focus on study.


Walsall and Telford Bus Service

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Louise Coleman
11:20am on 9 Oct 19 I strongly agree with this. If it is any help I also have been travelling from Shropshire, for the past two years. If your lecturers start at 9am at Walsall the only way you can make it using the bus is if you get the train from Telford to Wolves and then get the uni bus from wolves.
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