International Students

The Advice and Support Centre welcomes new and returning international students. We hope that your experience in the UK and at the University of Wolverhampton, will be a happy one, but we are on hand to assist if you need our support.

International Student Finance

Overseas students are usually charged tuition fees at a higher rate than 'home' students. Certain students, although from overseas, are charged at the home rate.  This usually applies to people who are settled in the UK or are family members of EU nationals or refugees. The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) publishes clear advice on who can be charged the home rate of tuition. 

If you think you might be eligible to pay the home rate of fees then you can ask the University Admissions department to do a fee assessment.  01902 321000,   

You will then have the option of paying your fees upfront in one lump sum or paying by instalments each term.  

You must let the University's Finance department know if you wish to pay by instalments, otherwise you will be invoiced for the full amount at once during the first term.

Visit the Finance web pages to learn more about how and when you can pay your tuition/accommodation.  For payment information specifically designed for international students, click here.

Life in the UK might be very different than back home and we suggest that when you arrive you research how to access products and services that you might require during your time here, rather than waiting until you need them.  You especially should do this in the case of medical services.

There is lots of information available on the UKCISA website, about what to expect from and how to prepare for life in the UK. 

The International Centre also provides you with online pre and post-arrival information about life in the UK.  

Working whilst you’re a student

Depending on when you obtained your latest Tier 4 visa, you may be prohibited from working, or allowed to work a certain number of hours.

Your visa should tell you what your employment conditions are.

Please be aware that if you are an international student and are in paid or unpaid employment you will need to ensure that you are not exceeding the amount of hours stipulated on your visa. It is your responsibility to ensure this does not happen.


International students who are working in the UK must pay National Insurance contributions and will be subject to UK Tax Regulations in the same way as UK residents.  Students working only in the summer vacation can apply to be exempt from tax but those working all year round, will have to pay it and then claim any overpayment back at the end of the tax year. For further information about this, see the HMRC website.


In order to work in the UK, you must obtain a National Insurance Number (NINO).  You can do so by calling the National Insurance Appointment line on 0845 600 0643, where you will be given an appointment somewhere local to you to make your application.

The UK has signed up to the EU Working Time Directive so if you work in vacation periods and your employer asks you to work more than 40 hours per week, they must ask you to sign a declaration to say that you opt out of this directive.  If you choose not to sign this, they cannot force you to work more than 40 hours per week.


Further information about working in the UK is available here.