Housing Advice

The best thing to do before you start looking for accommodation is to consider what your priorities are. Start by making yourself a wish list of the top things you wants from your ideal property, then compare your answers with friends.

Be honest! Would you prefer a house where the party never stops, or one that is clean and tidy? Do you want to live with others? How much can you afford for rent? Would you rather pay an all-inclusive rent (all bills included)?

Armed with this information, you can then consider your options...

University Accommodation

New for 2017/18!

Accommodation Services have just had installed a new internet provision, this has been supplied by Studentcom

The new internet provision give students :

* A Minimum Wireless Speed of 30Mbps

* Ability to connect up to 6 x devices simultaneously and to associate devices to user profile

* An Unrestricted Service - No usage caps or limitations

*First Class gaming experience

* Wired & Wireless - Universal wireless coverage providing flexibility both in terms of where the students can connect and what device they can connect with

*Services Provided Including VoIP, IPTV, Gaming, Cloud Back-Up and Web Security

Private Halls of Residence

Living At Home

Private Rented Accommodation

If you are looking for private rented accommodation in the Wolverhampton area, you can search the Local Authority list via www.rentwithconfidence.org.uk where you will find many different types of property listed.

Not all landlords will let to students.  When searching for a property, be sure to check that students are mentioned in the property advert.

Rent with Confidence is Wolverhampton City Council's "star rating" scheme for landlords.  We would recommend that any property abovbe 3* should be considered (ideally 4* or 5* depending on what you can afford) as this shows that the property has met certain standards we would consider "good" quality.

  • BE REALISTIC of what you can get for your budget
  • VIEW the property (inside and out) before you agree to anything
  • DON'T PANIC or rush into anything, there really is a surplus of good quality accommodation in the area


From 1 December 2014 your landlord is required to check the immigration status of anyone requesting to rent from them. This is usually as simple as taking a copy of your passport and/or biometric card so please be aware that you may be asked to produce this for ID. You can find more information on the Right to Rent: Immigration Checks by Landlords from the NUS site.



Some landlords offer a room in their own home to students. This is often called "Home Stay" or "Lodgings" you can find a list local lettings agencies we are aware currently consider student tenants here


Assured shorthold Tenancy (6 Months Minimum)

Short Term Lets (Less Than 6 Months)

Deposit Protection

Council Tax

Repairs and Environmental Health

TV Licensing