Other Support Available

Personal tutors and academic counsellors

You should be assigned a personal tutor, who is responsible for advising you on all matters relating to the academic aspects of your course and your progress on it. E:vision will be able to tell you who your personal tutor is. Faculties also have Programme Advisers to help students plan their programme of study and sort out any difficulties. 

Study Skills Advisers

Study Skills Advisers are available to give you one-to-one advice on your academic work. They can give you general advice and help or can focus on a specific problem. They are situated in the Learning Centres and can be booked through the Learning Centres' reception. More information can be found here.


Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW)

The Student Supoprt and Wellbeing office supports deaf, dyslexic and disabled students through their time at University. They are based on the ground floor of the Alan Turing (MI) Building on City Campus.

Once a student has been assessed for their disability, a Tutor Awareness Sheet (TAS) should be made available to relevant staff via e:Vision

The TAS outlines the adjustments that academic staff and service departments are required to make based on the individual needs and assessment of students with physical, psychological or sensory impairments.

The TAS is available as a confidential electronic document on e:Vision providing clear details of recommended adjustments for Teaching & Learning, Examinations & In-Class test arrangements as well as requirements within Residential Services, Learning & Information Centres and plans for emergency evacuations (PEEPs).

Students are encouraged to confirm that their recommendations outlined within their TAS is accurate and are encouraged to contact the SEC as early as possible if there are discrepancies to the support.

A TAS is made available to Faculty Enabling Tutor, Module Leaders, and relevant staff members within service departments. Staff access to the TAS is available on a confidential ‘need to know’ basis and every effort is made to ensure that only relevant information concerning reasonable adjustments is communicated.


WOLF and PebblePAD

Just a reminder that WOLF and PebblePAD make it easy and accessible to engage with your course. Links to both platforms can be found on the University website 'Current students' page. WOLF topics can contain rich module content including such things as: Module guides, quizzes, useful links and podcasts and tools like Course Café are great for making friends, asking questions and sharing.  

PebblePAD is great for building an electronic cv, creating and posting to blogs or even building a simple web page that can be exported to the web! 

Both platforms have been developed with you in mind to offer you the best learning experience possible and enable you to leave the University as a digitally literate, knowledgeable, enterprising global citizen. Be proactive and make the most of them … they are there for YOU!!


Student Counselling Services

The Student Counselling Services provide a free service to all students who want to talk confidentially about issues affecting their personal life.  They offer individual appointments, workshops and online self-help guides.