Requesting Representation

Meeting Attendance Service

The Advice and Support Centre offers assistance to students that are invited to attend University meetings or hearings. These can be for a variety of different reasons and in most cases the Advice and Support Centre can, at your request, provide a Students’ Union officer to come along with you for extra support and to help ensure that it is conducted fairly. 

Normally students are given the opportunity to take someone with them to any formal meeting with the University and unless specified, generally only one person would be allowed to go.  It is your choice though on whom you take.

What are the benefits of having a Students’ Union officer?

The benefits are:

  • They can act as an independent witness to events
  • They are trained to help ensure that you get a fair hearing
  • All SU officers can offer you information on the University’s procedures
  • In certain cases the officer can take notes and create action plans to make certain that parties carry out any agreed action

Is there anything that a Students’ Union officer won’t be able to do?

A Students’ Union officer, and indeed any other attendee, is not expected to speak on behalf of the student. The officer will, however, speak up if he or she believes the meeting is not being conducted fairly or if he or she needs clarification on any issue.

There are several reasons for this:

  • A university is not a court of law
  • All students are considered to be adults capable of expressing their own views
  • Students know, and should therefore be able to express, their own situation best

While an officer can give you information on academic procedures, they cannot give you tailored academic advice. If you require specific advice/ information regarding your case / issue then please contact the Advice and Support Centre. 

How do I arrange for someone to accompany me?

If you would like a Students’ Union officer to accompany you, then please contact the Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre. This should be done as soon as you receive notification that you have a meeting/hearing as the service is subject to availability and requests for support on short notice cannot be guaranteed.

Drop in at City or Walsall Campus Students’ Union   

Tel: 01902 322038


Enquire online via our query form

What happens next?

1.   You will be asked to provide details on what it’s for, your name, contact details and information on when and where the meeting is to be held.

2.   A member of staff will then check the availability of the officers. If possible, a suitable meeting location and time will then be selected; normally you will meet the officer 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting. 

3.   Notice of the finalised arrangements will then be communicated to you via phone and/or email. If an officer is not available, then you will be notified and your options can be further discussed. 

Please be patient and wait for the Advice and Support Centre to respond to your request. If you have not heard from them 24 hours prior to your meeting, then please get back in contact.


Further information regarding what to expect at an academic misconduct hearing, complaints and appeals can be found here.