Governance is about leadership and ensuring that an organisation is effectively and properly run. It is distinct from day-to-day management and operations delegated to staff and volunteers. Governance is not necessarily about doing; it is about ensuring things are done’

National Council for Voluntary Organisations publication ‘What is Good Governance’

Trustees responsibilities and governance for UWSU


A ‘students union’ is defined in section 20 of the Education Act 1994 to include a body representing or promoting the general interests of students at University.


In section 22 of the Act sets out the requirements to be observed in relation to students unions.

Compliance with the Education Act is the responsibility of the governing body and not the students union


Effective governance structures have clear decision making processes and lines of delegation and accountability (refer to the UWSU delegation matrix)


Trustees and their responsibilities


The trustees of UWSU have and must accept ultimate responsibility for the proper administration of the students’ union – ensuring the assets and resources are used in line with its charitable objectives. They must make sure that the students’ union is run in accordance with its constitution and all other laws and regulations which affect its activities

The basic duties of charity trustees of students unions must also be considered in the light of the Education Act 1994 and the powers of the University’s governing body.


If you would like to know more about the role and responability of our Trustees, please contact Ann Gough, Chief Executive Office -


The University of Wolverhampton Students' Union is a charitable company limited by guarantee, and we are regulated by the Charities Commission and Companies House. Our charity number is 1136470 and our company number is 7275807.

Our Trustee Board leads the strategic direction of the Union and ensures we comply with our Byelaws and our Memorandum and Articles, which are our governing documents.

View our Financial Statements and Trustee Report- Audited Accounts.